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  • Sub Urban vs Urban Cinema Advertising | EPICscreen

    Sub Urban vs Urban Cinema Advertising Do you know that more than 60% of Malaysia's population lives outside of Klang Valley? Sub-urban markets, frequently overlooked, present the chance to create a lasting impact and touch the untouched. In contrast, urban markets pose challenges with heightened competition and brands sometimes get lost among the clutter of advertisements, making it harder to capture consumers' attention and create lasting impressions. Discover the untapped potential of suburban cinema advertising – a gateway for new audiences waiting to be captivated by your brand. In the heart of sub-urban communities, where lifestyles and preferences differ from bustling urban centers, EPICscreen offers a golden opportunity to connect with unique demographics. Moreover, while cinemas are prevalent in urban settings with multiple operators, in secondary markets, having sole operators becomes a focal point of interest. With minimal competition and being the exclusive venue in town, it has become a gathering point for the community, attracting widespread attention and curiosity among the local population. With limited advertising opportunities in these towns, envision your brand shining brightly on the big screen, capturing the attention of millions of potential consumers. EPICscreen boasts a network of 48 locations, with up to 30 of our cinema locations strategically positioned in secondary towns nationwide, making us the largest sub-urban cinema advertising network in Malaysia. This provides an exclusive route to market access that is often overlooked by competitors. Advertisers can leverage on-screen and off-screen ads strategically placed in and around the cinema creating multiple touchpoints. The opportunity is now! Enhance your advertising strategy and see the transformative power of cinema advertising in sub-urban markets. Create an unforgettable experience that matches the pulse of each community. Your brand deserves more than just visibility; It deserves resonance. Let's make it happen together and unlock the extraordinary potential of suburban cinema advertising.

  • Cinema Ads VS Traditional Ads | EPICscreen

    Cinema Ads VS Traditional Ads In the world of advertising, let's talk about Cinema Ads and the usual ads you see. It's like comparing a big movie to everyday stuff. So, here's the lowdown on what makes each of them different – keeping it simple and easy to get. Imagine a big movie theatre that has a dark room, massive screen. That's where Cinema Ads shine. Your brand gets a chance to stand out in this immersive setting, which is tough for regular ads. Those ads might get overlooked in the daily hustle. Cinema Ads also hit you in the feels. With the lights down and surround sound, they tell stories that really get to you. Regular ads, scattered across different places, can't always make that deep connection. Getting people involved is a big deal in advertising. Cinema Ads nail it. In a cinema, everyone's focused, no distractions. Regular ads, spread out in different spots, struggle to keep your attention with all the daily stuff going on. Both types aim to reach the right crowd. Regular ads are like all around players, reaching lots of people in different ways. But Cinema Ads are more like snipers, hitting a specific group that likes a certain type of movie. Money matters too. Regular ads need cash for different channels, and it can add up. Cinema Ads, on the other hand, obviously would cost a little more compared to the starter price of regular ads but let’s be real, it would definitely be making your spendings worth it from the amount of people you’d leave an impression on just from movie showings. Now, let's talk about Traditional Ads. These are the ads you would encounter daily on TV, radio, billboards, and in magazines. For example, you're watching your favourite TV show, and suddenly, a commercial interrupt the drama. Or when you're driving down the street, and a massive billboard catches your eye. These are classic examples of Traditional Ads. While these ads have been a staple in the advertising world, they face a different challenge compared to the immersive experience of Cinema Ads. Traditional Ads often compete for attention in a world where consumers have learned to tune them out or skip through them. The engagement level might not be as high, and the message might not linger as long in the audience's memory. In the end, it's not about saying one is better. It's more like comparing a big movie to a regular book – both have their perks. So, when you're telling your ad story, just think about who's watching and how you want to connect, whether it's on the big screen or in the usual spots.

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