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Deepavali 2023 Promo

Jangkau sehingga 200,000 penonton wayang India dalam tempoh perayaan ini untuk harga promo RM80,000 dengan Pengiklanan Pawagam EPICscreen.

Lokasi sasaran hiper dengan khalayak India

EPICscreen Deepavali Promo Map Picture - 14 Locations.png

LFS Coliseum

LFS Sun Rawang

LFS Seri Kinta

LFS PJ State

LFS Sri Intan

LFS Butterworth

LFS Capitol Selayang

LFS Metro Plaza

LFS Plaza Tasek

BB Perling Mall

BB Pelangi Leisure Mall

MBO Space U8

MBO Brem Mall

MBO Teluk Intan

Pilih 14 lokasi dengan teliti, dengan 45 - 97% kemasukan India.

Barisan filem luar biasa Tamil Teratas pada musim perayaan ini

*movie release dates are subject to changes

Butiran Kempen

  • Sub-Urban Market Dominance
    With a widespread presence in secondary towns across Malaysia, EPICscreen provides advertisers with an exclusive opportunity to reach an underserved market. Sub-urban markets, often overlooked, present the chance to create a lasting impact and touch the untouched. With 17 million potential viewers and a 31% penetration rate, advertisers can tap into diverse demographics nationwide. (Source: Census Data 2020)
  • Buying Culture in Sub-Urban Markets
    EPICscreen understands the distinctive buying culture in sub-urban markets. Advertisers can leverage on-screen and off-screen ads strategically placed in and around the cinema compound to create multiple touchpoints. Cinemagoers in these areas often prefer traditional methods, such as purchasing tickets at the counter and advertisers can take advantage of this buying culture.
  • Buying Into Communities & Heritage
    EPICscreen's cinemas, deeply embedded in communities, foster customer loyalty in the secondary towns. Advertisers can benefit from the loyal customer base that visits our partner brands’ cinemas, creating a meaningful connection with cinemagoers who value the heritage and familiarity of our partner cinema brands.
  • Prominent Role In Customer Journey
    With less saturation of marketing messages compared to major city centers, brands have a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on consumers' purchasing decisions. EPICscreen's cinemas become an integral part of the buying journey, allowing brands to seamlessly integrate into the lives of sub-urban consumers who prefer storefront purchases.

Pamerkan Jenama Anda Di Pawagam

Jangkau khalayak sasaran India ideal anda dengan Pengiklanan Pawagam EPICscreen.

Terima kasih!

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